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  Barcode Maker Software - Professional Edition
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Barcode Maker Software - Professional Edition Supported Fonts

Supported Barcode Fonts Supported Linear Barcode Fonts includes :-

Bullet Coda bar Bullet Code 11 Bullet Code 128 Bullet Code 128 SET A Bullet Code 128 SET B Bullet Code 128 SET C
Bullet Code 39 Bullet Code 93 Bullet ISBN 13 Bullet Code 39 Full ASCII Bullet Industrial 2 of 5 Bullet Interleaved 2 of 5
Bullet EAN13 Bullet EAN8 Bullet ITF-14 Bullet MSI Plessey Bullet Standard 2 of 5 Bullet UCC/EAN-128
Bullet LOGMARS Bullet Planet Bullet Postnet Bullet Telepen Bullet USPS Sack Label Bullet USPS Tray Label
Bullet UPCA Bullet UPCE Bullet USS-93      

Supported Barcode FontsSupported 2D Barcode Fonts includes :-

Bullet Aztec Bullet Data bar EAN 8 Bullet Data bar Code 128 Bullet Data bar Code 128 Set A Bullet MICR Font
Bullet Data bar Bullet Data bar Limited Bullet Data bar MicroPDF417 Bullet Data bar Code 128 Set B Bullet Data Matrix
Bullet Maxi Code Bullet Data bar Stacked Bullet Data bar Stacked Omni Bullet Data bar Code 128 Set C Bullet Data bar UPCE
Bullet PDF417 Bullet Data bar PDF417 Bullet Data bar Truncated Bullet Data bar EAN 13  
Bullet QR Code Bullet Data bar UPCA Bullet Data bar Expanded