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Barcode Maker Software - Professional Edition

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Barcode Maker Software - Professional Edition

Product Description

Barcode tagging system covers wide area of applications like stock management, packaging supply and distribution, warehousing, banking sector etc. Use of barcode system helps in reducing human errors and provides good alternative to time consuming paper work for managing inventory system.

Bullet Benefits and Uses:

  • Barcoding reduces human errors, recognition errors and transcription errors.
  • Automatic tracking of employee working hours and attendance for payroll with the use of barcode encoded id badges.
  • Enhance package tracking by labelling products to identify part numbers, serial numbers and shipping information.
  • Barcodes provide asset & security tracking.

Bullet Professional barcode software enables you to:

  • Generate bulk numbers of barcode labels using random, sequential and constant value series designing techniques.
  • Design barcode in your own style using advanced inbuilt color setting.
  • Make customized barcode labels, coupons of different shapes and sizes as per your business needs.
  • Save created industrial barcode labels, rolls in different types of file extensions including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG, WMF, EMF, EXIF and GIF and other file formats for future references.