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Effective Barcodes Solution for Global Market


We are one of the leading suppliers of all kind of Bar Code solutions. We provide fast, advanced and cost-effective barcode solution to meet growing market needs. Our effective barcode software helps you to create scan able barcodes in linear and 2D barcode font’s standards.

Linear Barcodes

A linear barcode that encodes data only in one dimension. Data is encoded in the widths of the bars and spaces and no data is encoded in the lengths of the bars. The UPC or EAN barcode symbol found on many retail products is a linear barcode.

2D Barcodes

2D barcode is a graphical image that stores information both horizontally and vertically. 2D barcodes are also known as quick response codes because they enable fast data access. 2D barcodes can be readable by Mobile Phones with camera, SmartPhones and QR Scanners. This code will then be converted into a piece of (interactive) text and/or link.

User can store Text, URL and other data into the QR Code in encoded format while retrieving the contents stored can be decoded at high speed that's why it is called QR.

2d Barcode is beneficial for :-
  • Monitoring purchases
  • Mail tracking
  • Tracking inventory
  • Ticket validation
  • Patient monitoring
  • Cell phone applications