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QR Codes Blackberry

QR Codes Blackberry

QR Code is matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with camera and smart phones. QR bar code encodes information in two-dimensional image. QR code consists of black modules arranged in square pattern on white background. The information that encoded within QR code can be text, URL and other types of data. To read QR code information from blackberry mobile, you must installed QR code reader in your BlackBerry mobile phone.

BlackBerry QR code scanner is available with every models of Blackberry mobile phone. You can also download QR code scanner app, but the built-in Blackberry QR code scanner (given in every black berry phones) is faster and easy to use once you find it. Blackberry QR code reader is available in drop down menu of the Blackberry App that comes with every Blackberry phone models.

QR codes are just like barcode, the only difference is that QR code is readable by smart phones. Blackberry QR code scanner can easily read the QR barcodes and perform certain tasks such as allow you to add contact information, visit website on their blackberry phone and more.

Blackberry QR code scanner does not require snapshot. Instead of snapshot, it uses live video which is better and easier to use than snapshot. Activate the QR scanner in your blackberry mobile and view barcode in live video. Once QR code is readable by blackberry phone, you will see dialog that ask if you want to go to the link encoded in QR code.

QR code is one of the important 2D bar code font standards that allow businesses to more engage.