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QR Codes Mac

QR code (short form of Quick Response) is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. QR code is specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. QR code consists of black modules arranged in square pattern on white background. The information encoded within QR code can be URL, text or other types of data. Response Codes are type of two-dimensional barcode which are readable by smart phones and QR reading devices.

QR codes link directly to text, emails, SMS message, V-Card data, plain alphanumeric text, websites, phone numbers and other types of data. The QR code has more advantages over barcode that encode data in horizontal plane, whereas the QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in grid of tiny squares.

This allows much more data to be encoded in smaller space. QR code can actually embed information in the code itself and when this code is read by your smart phone trigger actions will be performed like opening website, send SMS messages and more.

QR codes are mainly used to link any user to web site. QR code also contains phone numbers to make phone call or send SMS text message and allows you to enter up to 250 characters of text on to your mobile device.

QR codes are easily created and scanned by your Mac OS X installed machine. The QR code scanner uses Macs built-in iSight camera for scanning QR codes.

bullet QR code can encode the following text:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Website URL
  • Phone Number
  • SMS Message
  • Calendar
  • Google Maps Location and more.