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Telepen Font
Telepen Barcode Font Label Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software
Telepen Font
Telepen Barcode Sample generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

Telepen is linear barcode symbology that designed in 1972 in the UK to express all 128 ASCII characters without using shift characters. Unlike most of the linear barcodes, Telepen does not define independent encoding for each character, but instead of this it operates on a stream of bits. It is able to represent any bit stream containing an even number of 0 bits and is applied to ASCII bytes with even parity. Bytes are encoded in little-endian bit order.

Telepen barcode symbology is specially designed to encode full ASCII character set with high accuracy. Telepen barcode is also be used to represent numeric data in double-density mode, where an ASCII character is re-interpreted as a pair of numeric characters. It represents full ASCII character set without using shift characters. Telepen consists of two different types of following modes:

  • Alphanumeric mode
  • Numeric mode

bullet Character set of Telepen barcode:

Telepen barcode contains the following character set:

  • Digits (0-9)
  • Lowercase letters (a-z)
  • Uppercase (A-Z)
  • Punctuation marks
  • Non-printable control characters like carriage-return, horizontal tab, line feed etc.

bullet Applications:

Telepen systems have been used in many countries and but most widely used in the UK. Most Universities and other academic libraries use Telepen, as do many public libraries. Other users like motor industry, Ministry of Defense and innumerable well-known organizations used Telepen barcode for many different applications.