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UPCE Barcode Sample generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

UPC-E barcode is one of the most widely used linear barcode symbology that reduces data length from 12 digits to 6 digits by compressing the extra zeros. It is suitable for identifying products in small packages. UPC-E barcode has 6 digits with an implied number system 0. UPC-E is variation of UPC-A barcode. Since the resulting UPC-E barcode is about half the size as an UPC-A barcode, UPC-E is generally used on products with very small packaging where full UPC-A barcode does not reasonably fit.

bullet Structure of UPCE barcode:

An UPC-E barcode includes the following structure:

  • Left-hand guard bars or start sentinel, encoded as 101.
  • Six data characters, encoded from the parity table above.
  • Right-hand guard bars, encoded as 010101.

UPC-E barcode is also known as the zero suppression versions. UPCE barcode can encode 12-digit product codes in six digits. In UPCE barcode the six digits are enclosed between two left-hand guard bars and three right-hand guard bars. The check character is encoded by the character set pattern of the six data digits.

Universal Product Code version E is variation of the Universal Product Code version that allows you to encode the 12 digits product code in 6 digits. If you have 12 digits product code and have limited space on your product, then in this case UPCE barcode is recommended you to use.