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USS-93 Font
USS-93 Barcode Font Label Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software
USS-93 Font
USS-93 Barcode Sample generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

USS-93 Code 93 is continuous, variable length and alphanumeric linear barcode symbology. It is designed to complement and improvement over Code 39 barcode. USS-93 barcode is also known as Code 93, Code 9/3, ANSI/AIM Code 93, ANSI/AIM Code 93, USS Code 93, USD-3, and Code 93 Extended. USS-93 barcode symbology is primarily used in postal services and supports character set includes Numbers: 0-9, Uppercase Letters: A-Z, Space Character and Special Characters (- $ % + /.)

USS-93 is one of the most popular linear barcode symbology that designed in 1982 by Intermec. USS-93 is high density barcode symbology and provides data security enhancement to Code 39. USS-93 is primarily used in Canadian postal office to encode supplementary delivery information. Every symbol includes two check characters.

bulletStructure of USS-93 barcode:

USS- 93 Barcode for supports:

  • Numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Uppercase letters (A to Z)
  • Special character (Dash), (Point), $ (Dollar), / (Slash), + (Plus), % (Percentage), Space character

USS Code 93 can represents the full ASCII character set using combinations of 2 characters.

Code 93 offers higher information density for alphanumeric data than other linear barcode symbology.

Data that can be encoded by Code 93 is:

  • The Standard Mode (Default implementation) can encode uppercase letters (A through Z), digits (0 through 9) and special characters like the *, -, $, %, (Space), , /, and +.
  • The Full ASCII Mode or Extended Version can encode all 128 ASCII characters.

The * (asterisk) is not true encodable character, but it is used as start and stop 'symbol' for USS- Code 93 barcode. USS 93 barcode is generally used in Canada post office the help to encode the supplementary delivering information.