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Databar Limited

Databar Limited

Databar Limited 2d Barcode Font Label Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

Databar Limited

Databar Limited 2d Barcode Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

  • GSI Data bar Limited is the smallest barcode in the family with 74X high and 10X width.
  • Provides ideal solutions for small item where space is constrain.
  • It can encodes 14 digits GTIN number
  • GSI Data bar Limited accepts only numeric data.
  • Application Identifier appended is human readable if not encoded
  • GTIN 12 & GTIN 13 gets encoded by appending 0s in the beginning and making it 14 digits.

GS1 DataBar Limited (formerly RSS Limited) is one of the most popular 2D barcode fonts that identify small items and carry more information than the current EAN/UPC barcode. DataBar Limited encodes element string AI (01), which is based on the GTIN-12, GTIN-8, GTIN-13, or GTIN-14 Data Structure. These values are expressed as digits called Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). GS1 Databar Limited encodes the 14 digits EAN/UCC item identification for small items. This barcode is typically not used at retail point-of-sale.

GS1 DataBar Limited is fixed-length, barcode symbology that can be used to encode 14 digit GTIN beginning with 0 or 1. GS1 DataBar Limited is designed for very small item identification. It encodes 14 digit GTIN using indicator digits 0 or 1 and provides linkage flag for the 2D composite component.

The 2D Composite Component that can be liked to GS1 DataBar Limited can be one of the following depending on the amount of supplementary data that is to be encoded:

  • CC-A: it is a variant of MicroPDF417 barcode and the smallest of the 2D Composite Components which can encode up to 56 digits.
  • CC-B: it is a subset of MicroPDF417 barcode which can encode up to 338 digits. Encoding systems normally automatically select CC-B when the data to be encoded exceeds the capacity of CC-A.