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Databar Font
Databar 2d Barcode Font Label Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software
Databar Font
Databar 2d Barcode Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

GS1 Data Bar is the family of symbols generally seen in the GS1 DataBar Coupon. GS1 Data Bar symbols can carry more information and identify small items more easily than the current EAN/UPC bar code. GS1 DataBar enables GTIN identification for hard-to-mark products like jewelry, fresh foods and other types of hard products. Data bar can carry GS1 Application Identifiers including serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates. This creates the opportunity for solutions supporting the product authentication, traceability, product quality, effectiveness, fresh variable measure product identification and couponing.

This barcode is intended for encoding the identification numbers of items and their supplementary data. It is more compact and can carry more information than the current EAN/UPC barcode.

GS1 Databar barcode supports up to seven different heights. These barcodes are provided in set of seven fonts with different names. The barcode names are appended with characters like "S1" or "S2" etc. with each one of them representing different height. Data Bar Codes have been identified to solve many problems in POS, grocery and healthcare, where items are too small.

bullet Data bar barcode font features:

  • GS1 DataBar symbols were endorsed and adopted by GS1 after compelling business case review by a global task force comprising retailers, fast moving consumers, goods manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, GS1 Member Organizations (MOs) and trade associations.
  • GS1 DataBar standards including attribute information (using AIs) that can be used by all trading partners in an open environment.
  • GS1 DataBar makes new horizon of product information visible in the supply chain for increased collaboration between trading partners.