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PDF417 Font
PDF 417 2d Barcode Font Label Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software
PDF417 Font
PDF 417 2d Barcode Example generated by DRPU Barcode Generator Software

PDF417 is 2d barcode stacked symbology with high data density which are easily readable by handheld laser or linear CCD scanners. PDF 417 mainly used in variety of applications like transportation, shipping industry, identification cards, inventory management system and more.

PDF stands for Portable Data File and 417 represents 17 modules of 4 bars and spaces that make up each code. Each symbol has start and stop bar groups so that the code can be easily identified.

PDF417 symbol sometimes knows as multiple linear barcodes stacked each other. This is the reason why PDF417 symbology is also called as "stacked linear symbology". The shape of PDF417 code is rectangular and size of the symbol can be modified according to your choice.

PDF417 has more data storage capacity than linear (1D) barcodes. It encode up to 1,850 ASCII characters and includes an Error Correction Code (ECC) which provides error free reading even if whenever symbol has been partially destroyed or lost.

PDF417 barcode is fully capable to store up to 2710 data characters. PDF417 belongs to the early two dimensional barcodes which internally consists of number of linear barcodes stacked on top of each other. PDDF417 barcodes is mainly used for automobile industry, health care, shipping industry and many more.PDF417 empowers you to link multiple symbols (labels) to more data.

bullet Data capacity of PDF 417 barcodes:

PDF417 is 2 dimensional barcodes that consists of maximum of 90 rows and 30 columns. The maximum number of data (stores in PFD417) is dependent on:

  • Used compaction modes
  • The number of columns and rows
  • Error correction level